Walkability and bikeability

Our goal should be to make PV the most walk-able and bike-able small city in the region.  Walk-ability and bike-ability serve two essential goals of city government: (1) maximizing the quality of life of citizens; and (2) promoting a sustainable local economy that prioritizes local citizens and local businesses. 

1.  Walk-ability and bike-ability promote healthier and happier PV families and a greater sense of community.  Just like families, communities that spend quality time together tend to function better.  We should make it easier for PV families to walk, bike, shop, play, eat, and interact in their own neighborhood without getting into their cars and driving somewhere else.  In addition to promoting healthier lifestyles and more connected neighborhoods, these quality of life policies increase property values by making PV an even more attractive place to live.   

2.  Walk-ability and bike-ability promote our local economy.  Making PV businesses more safely and easily accessible on foot or by bike encourages PV residents to more frequently leave the car in the garage and keep their shopping and dining local.  Every time a family decides to drive up to the plaza or get take out from Okie Joe's rather than walk down to the shops or Corinth Square, those are dollars taken out of our Prairie Village economy.  We should do everything we can to make keeping our dollars in PV as attractive in possible.

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